What payment methods do you accept for your handyman services?

Accept payments on the spot with a mobile device. Offer electronic submission of invoices as a 26% payment to continue work. North American Bancard, a leader in credit card processing for more than two decades, and PayAnywhere, a leading mobile payment solution, today announced that they have partnered with experts in residential and commercial repair, maintenance, improvements and renovations. This new forward-thinking partnership means that the franchisees of Mr.

Handyman will soon be able to grow their businesses by accepting credit and debit cards wherever and whenever. Finally, we'll look at the anatomy of an invoice so that you can learn precisely how to bill maintenance personnel services. The first Service Brands franchises to offer a full payment processing service through North American Bancard and PayAnywhere will be North America's top handyman providers (Mr. Handyman will take advantage of that growth by seamlessly accepting credit and debit cards both over the phone and at home), all at a lower processing speed than any other commercial service company could offer, says J.

A handyman is a person with multiple skills that perform a wide range of minor repairs and upgrades, and maintenance services in residential and commercial environments.

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