Do i need a license to be a handyman in michigan?

Most states require operators to have some type of license that accredits their skills and ability to do their job safely. View municipal licensing requirements using this Cover Wallet state-by-state directory. Demonstrating to customers that you are licensed makes you more marketable. In addition, if you are caught working without the required permit, you may face fines or other administrative sanctions.

For example, many homeowners and property managers prefer to use a maintenance service because they respond quickly, have a broader skill set, and often charge less than other specialized trades. The state of West Virginia does not issue a specific maintenance personnel license or have maintenance personnel licensing requirements. Depending on your state, a handyman license allows you to legally perform services such as furniture assembly, interior painting, drywall maintenance and repair, tiling, home improvement, and other minor trade work. In this case, maintenance personnel may be required to have a contractor license to perform the work or be subject to maintenance personnel licensing requirements.

The cost of your handyman license may also change depending on the type of services you want to provide. You don't need a license to work as a handyman in Michigan, unless you offer services such as masonry, insulation, cladding, or roofing. Because there is such a wide range of services that they are considered “manual labor,” most states base their licensing requirements for maintenance personnel on the monetary value of the project. The Michigan Handyman Licensing Guide provides essential information for anyone who wants to earn a living performing maintenance tasks in the state of Michigan.

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