Do you provide any guarantees for your handyman services?

Budget Handyman Service offers a 100% job satisfaction guarantee on every job. If my work doesn't meet standard manufacturing methods, I will. If my work does not meet standard manufacturing methods, I will correct the work to your satisfaction. All requests made under this warranty must be made within 30 days after the home repairs are completed.

I must be notified in writing and be able to resolve the problem internally within a reasonable time. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the material. If a defect in the material is discovered after installing the materials, I will direct you to the manufacturer to request the warranty. No, there is no maintenance personnel license in the state of California.

However, as in most states, there are limitations on the services you can provide without obtaining a contractor license. Contact Budget Handyman Service today to schedule a half day or full day period, my most affordable option for minor repairs to your home. And there's nothing more important than choosing the right maintenance service to ensure your home is properly maintained. If you're thinking of offering maintenance services in the state of California, it's essential that you understand local laws.

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