What is the process for filing a complaint about the work done by your handyman services?

Use the online complaint form, OR. Download and print a complaint form. Homeowners, other contractors, subcontractors, and employees can file complaints against contractors with the CSLB. Other public agencies can also file complaints.

Talk in person instead of on the phone or email. These boards or commissions typically have simple online filing procedures that make it easy to file a complaint against a negligent contractor. Complaints may not lead to the full recovery of the amount of your loss, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that, in the future, this contractor is less likely to harm other innocent homeowners. Worst-case scenario, you should know what to do when a contractor does a poor job.

Before you decide if you are going to file a lawsuit for construction defects, you may want to determine if you have a good case, if you can collect if you win, and if you will be comfortable going to mediation or a settlement.

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