Are there any additional fees or charges associated with disposing of materials used in a job done by your handyman services?

In fact, our findings show that most operators charge a profit margin of between 20 and 50% when they buy the materials themselves. And what about the delivery? If materials are delivered to the workplace, that cost should be added to your flat rate. The same thing if you use your own vehicle and gas to transport the materials yourself. In general, any maintenance service will include basic tools and materials, such as nails, screws, tape measures, nuts and bolts, etc.

Whether you're starting out as a self-employed handyman or running a property management business, setting your maintenance staff prices per job is crucial to your success. Steve Mills Handyman Services, which operates out of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, is a small company that knows a thing or two about material costs. Now that you know where to start with the cost of maintenance labor, it's time to figure out how to attractively set maintenance personnel prices per job so that your estimates turn into real work. For example, the fact that you can promote yourself as a handyman or as a licensed contractor will affect how much you can set your maintenance personnel rates.

If you're doing maintenance or service work and you run into customers who don't want to pay because the bill is too high, switch to a starting price. Rates depend on their specialty, experience, level of education and whether maintenance personnel are insured, require specialized equipment, or provide services in rural areas. Decide what radius you are willing to serve and whether or not you will charge more for jobs located outside your service area. To help you calculate a budget and determine if you're getting a fair deal, read on to learn the current rates for some common handyman services.

Once you have calculated the number of hours you will reasonably spend doing maintenance work, dividing your living and operating costs by those hours will indicate what the minimum prices for maintenance personnel per hour should be.

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