Do you provide any follow-up or after-service support for your handyman services?

Once a job has been completed, consider following up with the customer a few days or a week later. This is a great opportunity to check that they are still satisfied with the work you have done, possibly plan future projects or request a review or recommendation. Talk in person instead of on the phone or email. By combining your company's Facebook page and your advertising efforts, you can increase a loyal online customer base.

The more your audience grows, the easier it will be for you to expose yourself to other potential customers. People can choose to follow your page, which allows your company to access its news section. This will help them see the promotions you share, customer testimonials, and before and after photos. We'll include some advertising ideas for maintenance staff and examples of advertisements for maintenance personnel to point you in the right direction.

The following example of an advertisement for maintenance staff from the Handyman Connection website is not only aimed at older people, but it also shows what the skills of a handyman are. Below is an example of an advertisement for store maintenance staff that has Facebook Messenger programmed to answer questions immediately, along with a full list of services and a friendly face next to the company logo. You can advertise handyman services in assisted living homes or even in neighborhoods where many older adults live. For several years now, I have been running a maintenance service as a secondary activity and it has proven to be an addition worth adding to my core business.

Even if you've never used Facebook before, a few simple actions will help you start marketing your maintenance staff services. OSHA recommends taking strict precautions for all maintenance work that involves entering a customer's home. For basic repair or service projects that exceed the scope of the company's hourly maintenance staff service, the author uses a simple one-page contract printed on company letterhead. If you offer a maintenance service and want to renew your marketing efforts to increase your list of potential customers, this blog post can help.

And with today's crowded online handyman market, you need all the help you can get to make your services stand out. The most important factor when advertising your maintenance staff services is to know potential customers where they are.

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