Are there any restrictions on the types of jobs that can be completed by your handyman services?

Without a specialized contractor or general contractor license, a maintenance person can only perform basic projects, such as painting and performing basic repairs. In general, individual states do not issue specific maintenance personnel licenses. However, an operator can be considered a contractor when a project exceeds a specific cost or is part of a larger job. In this case, maintenance personnel may be required to have a contractor license to perform the work or be subject to maintenance personnel licensing requirements.

Dan, if you really want a challenge, try to find ANY clear answer about what is required and what services a maintenance staff can provide in FLORIDA. Thank you, this is all very useful, I want to start my own maintenance service in Columbus and I am a little concerned about the legality of things. The state of West Virginia does not issue a specific maintenance personnel license or have maintenance personnel licensing requirements. However, for a maintenance staff to provide services in a specific niche, such as electrical maintenance, a valid license in that field is required.

A good handyman goes a long way toward renovation, home improvements, and more; if you're looking to start a maintenance business or general contractor, you can be sure that you'll have potential customers waiting for you. But how do you define a handyman? Handyman work generally involves small jobs, quick repairs, or jobs valued below a certain dollar amount, but laws and definitions vary from state to state. You'll want to know if you need a maintenance personnel license and what services you can and can't legally perform until you get one. I have a commercial paint license from the state of Nevada and want to advertise small painting projects and maintenance services, how would I do that?.

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