How do you charge a customer for a handyman work?

The rates depend on their specialty, experience, level of education and whether maintenance personnel are insured, require specialized equipment, or provide services in rural areas. Steve Mills Handyman Services, which operates out of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, is a small company that knows a thing or two about material costs. I retired from a profession two years ago and recently began focusing on professional maintenance services full time as my next career. In general, any maintenance personnel service will include basic tools and materials, such as nails, screws, measuring tape, nuts and bolts, etc.

And, by the way, this same process will help you whether you provide maintenance services, carpentry or any other service. Learn why some handyman businesses THRIVE while others STRUGGLE, and the secrets to growing a hugely profitable handyman business. Cost like a professional because the only maintenance services that thrive are professionals, not day laborers. For example, the fact that you can promote yourself as a handyman or as a licensed contractor will affect how much you can set your maintenance personnel rates.

So where do you fit in on this scale? What is a good rate on which to base the prices of your services as a handyman or self-employed contractor? I have calculated what my maintenance staff rate should be and, as a price, it is much more than what people could afford and what the maintenance company I work for offers. For example, a new handyman who primarily provides painting services to a small Oklahoma city will typically charge less than an established professional offering electrical and plumbing repairs in San Francisco. There are obvious factors to consider, such as location, types of services provided, skill level, and experience of a maintenance staff. About 30% more because I was a commercial building engineer for many years before starting my maintenance service and I charge my hourly rate 30% less than the average for a plumber, electrician, etc.

Decide what radio you are willing to serve and whether or not you will charge more for work located outside your service area.

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