Are there any additional fees or charges associated with your handyman services?

For example, when considering the cost of repairing drywall, two operators can approach the same project from different pricing angles. Maintenance personnel who charge a fixed hourly rate will prepare a quote with their standard rate, regardless of the type of repair. However, local maintenance personnel who charge a variable hourly rate will provide a fixed quote regardless of how long it takes to complete the repair. Many operators include factors such as time and gas costs to get to work when calculating the total cost of the project.

Determine the radius you're willing to serve or if you'll charge more for work outside your service area. Some operators charge a fixed rate for any distance beyond their service area, while others charge per mile. Decide what radius you are willing to serve and whether or not you will charge more for jobs located outside your service area. The minimum service fee also helps maintenance personnel calculate the time and effort needed to book a customer, arrive at the workplace, and prepare for work.

With the many things a handyman can do, it can be difficult to know exactly how much it costs to hire a handyman. Ask the professional about minimum service rates and group smaller jobs together to maximize maintenance staff time and money. There's no right or wrong way for a maintenance person to charge for their service; just make sure you understand how your maintenance staff charges for the work they must have done before the job begins. For example, the fact that you can promote yourself as a handyman or as a licensed contractor will affect how much you can set your maintenance personnel rates.

A maintenance staff can charge a minimum fee for their services to ensure that they cover their company's operating expenses every time they accept a job. Since maintenance personnel must come to you to do the required work, excessive travel time, mileage, and gasoline can affect the labor costs of maintenance personnel. Steve Mills Handyman Services, which operates out of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, is a small company that knows a thing or two about material costs. A maintenance person should inform you in advance if a travel fee will be applied to the total price of your services.

In general, any maintenance service will include basic tools and materials, such as nails, screws, tape measures, nuts and bolts, etc. Maintenance services can range from interior decoration and appliance installation to minor repairs, lock changes and even complete home remodels. To help you calculate a budget and determine if you're getting a fair deal, read on to learn the current rates for some common handyman services. In addition to the factors mentioned above, other factors could increase low-cost maintenance staff services, such as time, travel rates, and minimum call rates.

If maintenance personnel charge an hourly rate, the minimum service fee is usually the equivalent of a minimum number of hours, regardless of how small the job is.

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