Is there a limit how much a handyman can charge in florida?

Compared to most states, Florida is quite lenient with general construction, such as carpentry, painting, or tiling. If your field of work requires a contractor license in Florida or if your county or city requires that you have a license for a specific type of work, you should not offer those services as maintenance personnel. Some well-established maintenance companies offer a set of services such as those listed below and their work is completely legal. Dan, if you really want a challenge, try to find ANY clear answer about what is required and what services a maintenance staff can provide in FLORIDA.

Not all states require that the maintenance personnel license be accompanied by formal training for maintenance personnel; however, there are certain guidelines that must be considered for the designation. However, for a maintenance staff to provide services in a specific niche, such as electrical maintenance, a valid license in that field is required. No, you don't need a handyman license to be a handyman in Florida, as Florida doesn't even have documentation about a handyman's license. Thank you, this is all very useful, I want to start my own maintenance service in Columbus and I am a little concerned about the legality of things.

I have a commercial paint license from the state of Nevada and want to advertise small painting projects and maintenance services, how would I do that? If you're wondering if you need a license to become a handyman in Florida, there is no handyman license in the state of Florida, although it places strict limitations on the work that an unlicensed person can do. You'll want to know if you need a maintenance personnel license and what services you can and can't legally perform until you get one. So what can an unlicensed handyman do? Here are some examples of maintenance work and construction work to help you determine if the work you do means that you are a handyman or a general contractor.

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